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Customer Testimonials

I returned home from work travel today to find the box with my new moccasins. BEST SHOES EVER!! My feet love them...and I'll be reaching out to order this year's Christmas style. Thank you for your outstanding craftsmanship & Happy Thanksgiving! ... Read More

Lori K.

I LOVE my pair! I have been wearing them a lot. They fit great, are super-cute, and are so comfortable. I put them on my Instagram page and my old boss already wants to buy some. ... Read More

Theresa M.

I received my moccasins and I love them. The craftsmanship is superb and I love the colors. I am sure I will be ordering more. ... Read More

Nancy B.

My mocs came a few days ago. I love them. To have footwear that fits both feet, of very unequal size, is a luxury I never thought I would experience. Love the orange hide with the blue laces. I just don't ever want to take them off! ... Read More

Ginger K.

Hello any potential customers out there. I want to tell you that I am so impressed with the service this company has given to me. If 5 stars were the highest rating, they would be a 10. A difficult foot to fit, the pair were too small, they were HAPPY to make me another pair, no charge at all. Got back to me quickly in emails, The owner is PAUL KIRKMAN. A gem. complete gem. ... Read More

Carol M.

The Itasca Company is a pleasure to work with and The Hatchie Moccasins are perfect - Thank You for Your Service - I will reccomend Your Products and Service as Superior Premium. ... Read More

Jay S.

Awesome toebox fit first try. I've tried two other custom fit moccasin companies and this is the best first pair fit. Very neat stitching, with a good stiffener in the seam. ... Read More

Denise S

I want to talk about the amazing customer service, follow up and problem resolution from Sam, who is the manager of the retail store. She spent two hours trying to help with a shipping issue from a mail order I had made. Bottom line, Sam went far above what any other company would do to make sure the gift of moccasins arrived. Give her a raise or at least buy her lunch! ... Read More

Greg M

I ordered a pair of men’s leitner Mocs last week. They came in the mail today. I needed to let people know just how amazing these shoe really are. I am a very picky individual. I absolutely hate the throw away society that we have become were inexpensive goods are the norm and cheap materials and craftsmanship is acceptable. I know these shoes are expensive however ...... Read More


The shoes are astounding. It is wonderful to see that American craftmanship is still alive. The fit is wonderful and ordering was easy. The stitching is excellent and far beyond what I expected! And talk about comfort! Many thanks to Sam for his attention to detail. This is a superb shoe in all aspects and I would give it an 11 on a scale of 1-10. The only thing I think ...... Read More

scott stengel

Current Custom Order Instruction

To order by phone:  Please follow these instructions:

  • Select the style of moccasin you'd like to order (i.e. "Cota" or "Hatchie")
  • Select the species of leather and the color(s), found on the Swatches tab of our website.
  • Using the leather swatches under the Leather Swatches page, select the color(s) of leather you'd like your moccasin to be made with.
  • Contact Itasca Leathergoods Factory Store via phone during normal business hours. 218-699-3978 during business hours.  We’ll take your credit card information over the phone to process your order. 
  • Special orders typically take approximately 10 (ten) days to fill.  Plan on a few days shipping for a total of about two weeks.

To order via email:  Please follow these instructions:

  • Select the style of moccasin you’d like to order (e.g. “Cota” or “Hatchie”)
  • Select the species of leather and the color(s), found on the Swatches tab of our website.
  • Contact Itasca Leathergoods via email (orders@itascaleathergoods.com) and indicate style, color(s) and size.  We’ll also need your shipping address.
  • We’ll send you a PayPal invoice to your email address for payment.
  • Once we receive confirmation of a paid PayPal invoice, special orders typically take approximately 10 (ten) days to fill.  Plan on a few days shipping for a total of about two weeks.

If you’d like to complete your order online without interaction with the Factory Store, follow these instructions:

  • Online, select the style of moccasin you’d like to order (e.g. “Cota” or “Hatchie”)
  • Once you’ve chosen the style you’d like, in the list of products, find one that has the exact type of leather or leather combination you’d like to order.
    • For example, if you’d like an all cowhide but in a different color than what’s shown, choose any all-cowhide moccasin of that style.
    • Another example:  if you’d like a buffalo and elk combination but in a different color than what’s shown, choose any buffalo/elk combination of that style.
  • On the first page of the check-out process, you’ll see a free-form text box for comments.  Indicate your color selections or other instructions in that box. 
    • For example, if you’ve chosen an all-black moccasin but want it in turquoise, indicate “substitute turquoise leather instead of black.”
    • If you’re wanting multiple colors of leather, be specific regarding what color gets used in what sections of the moccasin.  For example “black buffalo sole, tobacco elk upper, black shoelaces”.
  • We’ll follow your instructions exactly.  If we’ve got questions, we’ll contact you via phone and/or email for clarification and verification.
  • Follow normal check-out procedures to complete the sale.
  • You'll receive your moccasins in about two weeks.

Custom Foot tracings

If you have hard-to-fit feet or if you’d simply like to guarantee a perfect fit without having purchased one of our moccasins previously, you’re given the option to submit a custom foot tracing at no additional charge.  We’ll custom make a pattern for you and keep it on file for five years for subsequent orders.  Please follow these instructions:

  • If you plan to wear socks with your moccasins, do the tracings while wearing socks.  If you plan to wear your moccasins barefoot, do the tracings while barefoot.  There’s about 1/8” difference with or without socks – the equivalent of a half size.
  • Have someone make a tracing of your foot using blue or black pen of standard thickness (no fat pens). NO PENCILS (they don't fax properly).
  • The person doing the tracing should hold the pen exactly vertically as they trace the outline of both feet.  An outward slant to the pen will make the tracing too big; an inward slant will make the tracing too small.  Have the pen hug the foot as you do the tracing.
  • You need to stand on a piece of paper on a hard surface (not carpet).
  • When you are having your feet traced, stand with both feet parallel or side by side (not one in front of the other).  Lean forward slightly so that the body’s weight is on the ball of the feet.
  • Repeat for the other foot.
  • You may trace one foot per sheet of paper.
  • If your feet are long, you may use a legal-sized sheet of paper or tape two pieces of paper carefully together.
  • Trace the actual outline.  Do not eliminate bunions or other variances. 
  • If you’re ordering a taller boot such as the Kaskaskia, Meramec or Nokasippi, also measure the circumference of the leg at the fullest part of the calf.  If you’re ordering a knee-high boot such as the Nokasippi, also include the measurement from the ground to the bottom of your knee cap.  We’ve got the capacity to adjust the calf measurement and the height of the boot to accommodate customers of all sizes.
  • If you’ve got a high instep, please indicate “high instep” somewhere on the tracing.
  • If you’re prone to swelling, please do the tracings when feet are swollen or indicate to leave a little extra room to accommodate future swelling.
  • Moccasins are intended to be snug when new.  If you require a little extra wiggle room, please indicate “extra wiggle room” somewhere on the tracing.
  • Put your name and phone number on each page.
  • All tracings need to be submitted via US Mail.  Our address is:  Itasca Leathergoods, PO Box 228, Lake George MN 56458. 
  • DO NOT scan or email the tracings.  Even if we attempt to print out in actual size it doesn’t work and the measurements will always be INCORRECT.
  • DO NOT fax your tracings.  We have a new fax machine and it no longer prints actual size.
  • If you’re ordering a product from our website exactly as shown but in a custom size please indicate that “tracings to be mailed” in the custom comments box on the first page of the checkout process.  Check out as normal.
  • If you’re ordering a custom leathers or colors along with your custom size, please follow the above instructions for ordering via phone or email.

Questions? Phone 218-699-3978 or Contact us for more information.