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I returned home from work travel today to find the box with my new moccasins. BEST SHOES EVER!! My feet love them...and I'll be reaching out to order this year's Christmas style. Thank you for your outstanding craftsmanship & Happy Thanksgiving! ... Read More

Lori K.

I LOVE my pair! I have been wearing them a lot. They fit great, are super-cute, and are so comfortable. I put them on my Instagram page and my old boss already wants to buy some. ... Read More

Theresa M.

I received my moccasins and I love them. The craftsmanship is superb and I love the colors. I am sure I will be ordering more. ... Read More

Nancy B.

My mocs came a few days ago. I love them. To have footwear that fits both feet, of very unequal size, is a luxury I never thought I would experience. Love the orange hide with the blue laces. I just don't ever want to take them off! ... Read More

Ginger K.

Hello any potential customers out there. I want to tell you that I am so impressed with the service this company has given to me. If 5 stars were the highest rating, they would be a 10. A difficult foot to fit, the pair were too small, they were HAPPY to make me another pair, no charge at all. Got back to me quickly in emails, The owner is PAUL KIRKMAN. A gem. complete gem. ... Read More

Carol M.

The Itasca Company is a pleasure to work with and The Hatchie Moccasins are perfect - Thank You for Your Service - I will reccomend Your Products and Service as Superior Premium. ... Read More

Jay S.

Shearling* Shearling* Infant and Toddler Wapsi - Buck View larger
Infant and Toddler Wapsi - Buck
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Wapsi 'Buck'

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  • Handcrafted in USA

    Who can resist our super-cute furry baby mocs trimmed with blue? We're betting that no one can because they're simply irresistible. Our soft-soled baby mocs are the next best thing to barefoot in terms of the baby learning to balance when starting to walk and also for musculoskeletal development. They make terrific gifts and are perfect for baby showers - a gift that almost certain to not show up in duplicate.

    You may focus on the cuteness quotient but we think about the function. Did you know that sheepskin consistently self-regulates baby's feet temperature whether they're worn in the warmth or in the cold? That keeps baby's feet cozy and comfortable no matter what the time of year or the environment they're in. And the shearling we use is double-face tanned - a premium way of doing it - meaning that during the tanning process both the wooly side and the suede side are finished, resulting in the highest quality sheepskin that's incredibly comfortable, soft, and naturally breathable.

    Oh, yeah; did we say they're cute? Make sure pics of your little one are posted to Instagram using the hashtag #itascaleathergoods.

    • Traditional soft sole for barefoot feel
    • Single sole construction
    • Intended for indoor/outdoor use
    • Easy on and easy off and it stays put with the ankle tie.
    • Lightly padded synthetic insole
    • Balance 100% natural leather
    • Sheepskin, Cowhide suede
    • Color: Stony, Pink Suede
    • Sizes are S, M, L, and XL. Small fits feet 3.5" in length; Medium fits feet 4" in length; Large fits feet measuring 4.75 in length; Extra Large fits feet measuring up to 5.5" in length. If baby's feet are longer than 5.5", please Click here

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