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Itasca Moccasin was formed in 1986 in the tiny community of Lake George Minnesota, located just to the east of Itasca State Park, famous for being the headwaters of the Mississippi River. The original store was a rustic, shopworn souvenir stand that attracted tourists driving to and from the park. Each winter was spent making handcrafted moccasins in preparation for the summer tourist season. As each summer progressed, supplies dwindled until they were replenished over the next winter season.

Despite the humble beginnings, the founders ran the business in a manner that began to separate us from our competitors. First, besides using basic cowhide leathers, they sought out premium game hides from moose, buffalo and elk – all offering a much more luxurious feel than basic cowhide. Second, they incorporated color, which made our moccasins look different than those found elsewhere. Lastly, they perfected custom fitting techniques that allowed customers with hard-to-fit feet to get pairs that fit perfectly. 


Over the years our product line has expanded to include other handmade leather goods including:

  • Belts – made of sturdy strap leather that will be worn for years without cracking or breaking

  • Wallets and coin/card purses made of soft lightweight leathers

  • Handbags – gorgeous and substantial in a variety of styles and colors

  • Placemats and  coasters – easy care, stainproof, and meant to last a lifetime

  • Journals and portfolios that use gorgeous leathers

  • Leather bracelets – unique, great stacked together

  • Custom work for hard-to-fit feet.

Watch our video to see our shop and how we make our products

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