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Custom Made Moccasins

We can make a custom pair of moccasins for you if you are interested in a different color combination of leathers or have hard to fit feet.


If you would like to order different leathers for your moccasins, visit our color swatches page and then call us at 218-699-3978 to discuss available options.


Click here for color swatches

Custom Fitting

If you have feet that are difficult to fit:

Trace your feet using a pen or pencil on a hard flat surface. Be sure to keep the pen upright and not tilted in or out. Wear socks when you trace your feet if you plan to wear socks when you wear your moccasins.

Then mail your tracings along with your moccasin style choice, along with your phone number and shipping address to:

Itasca Moccasin
PO Box 228
Lake George, MN 56458


We will call you to discuss details of your order and collect your credit card payment over the phone.

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