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Handcrafted Made in USA

This particular style is the men's best seller in our retail stores - it outsells all other men's moccasins by an amazing three to one ratio. The reason? The combination of buffalo and elk hides used in the construction of these moccasins most likely makes them the most comfortable footwear you'll ever own - they feel like they're broken in the first time you put them on. The traditional soft sole construction offers a barefoot feel; in fact our customers have described the way they feel as a better version of barefoot. The buffalo used in the sole offers ruggedness and durability even with outdoor use; the elk used for the upper is the softest and most supple of any of the leathers we carry. It's truly luxurious. We've named this style "Hot Chocolate" and they're a part of our "Select" line of men's Cota moccasins. They're perfect for year-round use particularly in climates with no snow. If you're interested in a women's counterpart we offer a women's Cota moccasin in the same leather combination.


  • Traditional soft sole for barefoot feel
  • Double sole construction
  • Intended for indoor/outdoor use
  • Easy slip-on style
  • Lightly padded synthetic insole
  • Balance 100% natural leather
  • Genuine Buffalo and Elk
  • Color: Brown and Brown
  • Can't find your size or hard to fit foot? Click here
  • Earthing Movement or desire all natural construction? Click here
  • Moccasins should start off fitting snugly and the leather will conform to the shape of the foot as you break it in.
  • Runs generous due to the stretchy nature of elk. Consider sizing down at least a half size.
  • Runs generous for size - we suggest ordering up to one size smaller than normal

Men's Cota - Hot Chocolate

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