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Handcrafted in USA

The Hatchie boot is our 6" hiking-style boot - a strikingly good-looking boot that's incredibly comfortable to wear. Unlike most boots which elevate the heel our boots keep your heels on the same plane as the rest of your foot making you feel grounded and combined with the soft sole allowing the bones of the foot to move as intended for improved balance and stability. This is a great boot perfect for hiking rugged dirt paths in the woods or the tough concrete in the urban jungle. The sole is made of buffalo for durability and long wear. The uppers are are a unique pebble grain cowhide in a rich black color; the texture of the leather gives this boot its unique character. The canoe-style sole structure is a classic and even though it's a boot it offers a great barefoot feel. These can be worn year round in warmer climates and they are perfect for spring through fall in northern climates. Wear them with denim or cargo shorts with or without socks. For an effortlessly cool look wear them laced to just the second level of eyelets and let the tongue flap over. Lacing them all the way up can help stabilize the ankle for better performance. These are not intended for winter use in cold climates as leather soles are slippery on snow and ice.


  • Traditional soft sole for barefoot feel
  • Double sole construction
  • Intended for indoor/outdoor use
  • Leather lace tie-up
  • Lightly padded synthetic insole
  • Balance 100% natural leather
  • Cowhide and Buffalo
  • Color: Black buffalo Pebble
  • Can't find your size or hard to fit foot? Click here
  • Earthing Movement or desire all natural construction? Click here
  • Moccasins should start off fitting snugly and the leather will conform to the shape of the foot as you break it in.
  • Runs generous for size - we suggest ordering up to one-half size smaller than normal unless you plan on wearing them with a heavy sock.

Men's Hatchie - Pebble

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