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Handcrafted Made in USA

We're incredibly proud of our leather selection and this is amongst the most special leathers you will find. It's 100% genuine moose - it's a true game hide and they are getting more and more difficult to source. Written descriptions won't do this one justice - it's the most silky-smooth leather available to us - and it's rugged and durable despite its silkiness. You'll swear it's already broken in the first time you put them on and you're going to love the way they feel. This one is named "Forest Green" and it's a part of our "Select" line of women's Cota moccasins. The dark forest green color acts as a neutral and you'll wear them with jeans khakis shorts and skirts. They're perfect for year-round use in warmer climates and they're appropriate for spring through fall use in northern climates.


  • Traditional soft sole for barefoot feel
  • Double sole construction
  • Intended for indoor/outdoor uses
  • Easy slip-on style
  • Lightly padded synthetic insole
  • Balance 100% natural leather
  • Genuine Moose hide
  • Color: Forest Green
  • Can't find your size or hard to fit foot?  Go to our "Custom Orders" page.
  • Earthing Movement or desire all natural construction?  Add notes when you order.
  • Moccasins should start off fitting snugly and the leather will conform to the shape of the foot as you break it in.

Women's Cota - Forest Green Moose

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