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Handcrafted, Made in USA

We have a lifelong love of the desert southwest and Santa Fe, New Mexico is one of our favorite places to visit — the shops around the plaza are enchanting. One always sees tons of turquoise jewelry in Santa Fe, and we wanted to commemorate those colors into a great moc. We're proud of this one ... the soles are made from shrunken buffalo, our toughest leather. The uppers are a combination of moose and elk. The moose has incredible variable color (from tick bites!) that gives it a one-of-a-kind look. The turquoise/jade-colored elk is a custom leather developed by one of the tanneries that we use in Colorado. The result is a spectacular mix of durability and extreme comfort. These will feel like they're your favorite old pair of slippers the first time you put them on your feet.

This canoe-style moccasin is a classic and it offers a great barefoot feel. They're meant to be worn as outdoor footwear all year round in temperate climates. For our customers who live in areas with winter weather, we recommend using them indoors when there's snow and ice on the ground. These are extremely versatile and are easily worn with jeans, khakis, capris, shorts and leggings.


  • Traditional soft sole for barefoot feel
  • Double sole construction
  • Intended for indoor/outdoor use
  • Easy slip-on style
  • Lightly padded synthetic insole
  • Uppers and soles made with 100% natural leather
  • Elk, Buffalo and Moose
  • Color: Cognac, Jade and Tobacco
  • Can't find your size or hard to fit foot?  Go to our "Custom Order" page.
  • Earthing Movement or desire all natural construction?  Add notes when you order.
  • Moccasins should start off fitting snugly and the leather will conform to the shape of the foot as you break it in.

Women's Cota - Santa Fe

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