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Handcrafted Made in USA

For this Soiree party moccasin we opted to use a slightly rustic brownish-black base topped with subtle soft metallics in two different shades; the result is quite sophisticated lovely and perfect to wear during your holiday parties - especially your New Year's celebration! They're designed to slip on inside after trudging through the snow in your winter boots; they're much more appropriate than boring slippers. A chorus of Auld Lang Syne at midnight couldn't be more comfortable cozy and spectacular.


  • Traditional soft sole for barefoot feel
  • Double sole construction
  • Intended for indoor/outdoor use
  • Easy slip-on style
  • Lightly padded synthetic insole
  • Balance 100% natural leather
  • Cowhide Full Grain
  • Color: Char Bronze Metallic and Pewter Metallic
  • Can't find your size or hard to fit foot?  Go to our "Custom Order" page.
  • Earthing Movement or desire all natural construction?  Add notes when you order.
  • Moccasins should start off fitting snugly and the leather will conform to the shape of the foot as you break it in.

Women's Cota - Soiree

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